Southern Highlands Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Your Hospital Stay

What to bring

Please bring the following with you into Hospital:

  • Your current medications in their original packages (including vitamins, mixtures, creams, inhalers and drops). If possible, please bring a list from your doctor of your current medications, their strength and dosages.
  • Recent and relevant x-rays, Ultrasound or MRI scans and test results.
  • Glasses, hearing aids and non electric walking aids.
  • Medicare Card, Private Health Fund details and card, Department of Veteran Affairs card, Pension/ Concession of Pharmaceutical Entitlement Cards.
  • Payment if required.
  • Sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers (for overnight stays).
  • Clothes for going home.
  • Personal toiletries including soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and tissues (for overnight stays). Do not bring talcum powder.
  • Child’s comfort items such as a teddy, blanket, dummy and their special drinking cup or bottle.
  • Small amount of change for newspapers etc.
  • Names and addresses of the next of kin and a second contact person.
  • If you have Advanced Health Directive or an Enduring Power of Attorney for health matters, please bring a certified copy of these.
  • In addition, please bring (if you have not already done so) your referral from your doctor, booking, consent and privacy forms.

What not to bring

  • Jewellery
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Other valuables
  • Electrical appliances
  • Unnecessary clothing and luggage

Please note: Southern Highlands Private Hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged personal items or valuables. Please label your belongings clearly so they can be identified easily.


There is parking located at the front of the hospital and also in the surrounding streets in Sheffield Street and Bowral Street.

When you arrive

Many patients will be admitted to hospital on the day of surgery. Please present to the Main Reception, unless otherwise directed.

For Day Surgery arrivals please see here

For further information please contact Reception (02) 4862 9400.


Your room

Southern Highlands Private Hospital offers a high standard of accommodation with both shared and private rooms. All rooms have air conditioning and ensuite facilities, specifically designed for maximum access.

Accommodation is shared in the Day Surgery Unit.

Call Button

Should you require anything at any time, please do not hesitate to call the nursing staff via the nurse call button located on the bedside handset. Our staff will endeavour to answer the call as quickly as possible.

All electric beds have a hand control for raising or lowering the head and foot of your bed. This control is located at the bedside and is separate from the television and nurse call handset.


We offer a wide variety of entertainment choices on the television located in your room. The television is switched on and off by holding the television button on the bedside handset.

Mobile phones

When you are admitted please ask our staff if mobiles can be used in your room. Mobiles may be used in all public areas including the coffee shop. Southern Highlands Private Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.


Telephones are provided at each bedside on the Surgical (Waratah) and Medical (Banksia) wards. Local calls are provided free of charge. To make outside calls, call ‘0’ then the required number. Mobile phones are not to be used inside the hospital.

Your meals

Our Catering Department prepares a variety of top quality, fresh meals. Menus will be provided each morning from which you may select meals according to your taste, dietary requirements and your doctor’s orders. Consultations with dieticians can be arranged should you have any special dietary needs.

Meal times are as follows (approximate):
Breakfast 7.30am
Morning Tea 10.00am
Lunch 12:30pm
Afternoon Tea 3.00pm
Dinner 6.00pm
Supper 07.30pm

Your mail / fax

Incoming mail is delivered daily. If you have mail to post please contact the Reception staff and this will be arranged for you. A facsimile service is available – contact Reception.

Your spiritual needs

Ministers, priests and pastoral care workers attend the Hospital on a regular basis. Your own clergy person is very welcome – please ask the nursing staff to arrange a visit.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Liaison Officer

The Liaison Officer visits Department of Veteran Affairs patients whilst in hospital to ensure your needs are being met whilst you are here. An assessment of the requirement for post discharge services is also made during these visits and are organised and implemented on discharge. 


Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the hospital or within the hospital grounds or surrounding footpaths. Nicorette patches can be prescribed your doctor.

Your doctor

Your referring doctor is responsible for your medical treatment while you are in hospital and is with whom you should discuss your treatment.

Southern Highlands Private Hospital have doctors who can assist you when required. In addition, your specialist doctors staff certain areas. If you require care from one of these specialists then you may be billed for a consultation.


A Cafe, offering light meals and refreshments, is located in the Reception area. The Cafe welcomes patients and visitors between the hours of 6am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday.