Southern Highlands Private Hospital
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When you Leave

Planning for your discharge

We recommend that before admission you consider how you will manage at home after discharge. Discuss expected recovery with your doctor. You can be assessed as to whether rehabilitation is appropriate. You may think about the following: whether you will you require someone to stay with you after being discharged? How will you prepare food, attend to personal hygiene, do the housekeeping and shopping? Will you need any special aids? Some services such as nursing are provided free of charge, however others such as Homecare and Meals on wheels require a contribution fee.

Community Health Centres

Department of Veteran Affairs DVA-contracted community nursing providers

Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care

NSW Meals on Wheels Association Inc

If you would like to discuss your discharge needs prior to admission, contact the Nurse Unit Manager and they will arrange for the Discharge Planner to speak with you.

Your doctor will tell you when she/ he thinks you are well enough to go home. The Discharge Planner/Occupational therapist will organise any special services or equipment you may need after you are discharged.

Discharge Information

Discharge time is at 10:00 am. This is to ensure bed spaces are available for patients being admitted. It is recommended that you arrange for a relative or friend to assist you in getting home, or alternatively a taxi will be called for you by reception staff.  Lounges located in the wards are available for patients waiting to be collected.

Before you leave the Hospital, our staff will give you full instructions about dressings, medications and follow-up appointments.  Please do not hesitate to ask the nurse looking after you.

Day Surgery patients are reminded that you will be unable to drive home, so please make arrangements for a responsible person to drive you home. For the first 24 hours, it is important if you have been given any form of sedation, that you DO NOT: drive, drink alcohol or remain on your own – you must have a responsible adult to stay with you overnight.